Create hours of space ambience for free

Let's create some movie-like soundscapes! It's incredibly easy these days, due to brilliant and gracious folks like HGFortune. He's now passed on, but he's left us with a trove of stunning soundscape software and I'll be referencing one of them here in discussing how to create space soundscapes.

In short, we'll be using HGFortune's Scapes Wizard 1 from here:

That's a VST instrument, we'll use SAVIHost to operate it:

Here's a video walkthrough.

The Run-down

Really quickly, here's the gist:
  1. Download Scapes Wizard 1: https://archive.org/download/HGFortuneNFG/ScapesWizard-1-Pro.zip
  2. Download 32-bit SAVIHost: http://www.hermannseib.com/programs/savihostx86.zip
  3. Extra/unzip both of those files into a new folder.
  4. Rename savihost.exe to ScapesWizard.exe (not required but makes it much easier).
  5. Run SAVIHost (ScapesWizard.exe).
  6. Press Play.

And to record:
  1. Select the preset you'd like to use, or configure the synth the way you want it.
  2. Press the red Record button in SAVIHost.
  3. Press Play.
  4. Press Stop when done and give it a name.

The Details

People usually use a DAW to interact with VST instruments. In our case, we're using SAVIHost, which acts as a standalone host for such instruments. It provides a MIDI-based keyboard for playing notes and all the options needed for interacting with plugin presets. It also has a handy Record feature so we can easily record sounds through it.

Scapes Wizard is a VST instrument plugin that creates ambient textures based on customizable sequences. It has several oscillators that play various wave files in sequences you specify within a wave pool.

With the LazyPlay option set to Clock, when you press the Play button, the synth proceeds through those sequences.

If LazyPlay is set to Key, then the sequence will begin when you press a key on the MIDI keyboard.

The plugin has a bunch of presets you can use, if you like. They're available from the toolbar, from the Plugin menu or by clicking the preset name in the Scapes Wizard interface.

You can tweak the synth to your liking, shaping the soundscape to your needs. Extensive information is included in the ScapesWizard-Pro-Manual.pdf file bundled with the synth.

As I mentioned, a DAW is usually used for interacting with VST instruments. That's usually the means people would use to record VST sounds. Fortunately, SAVHost has a great recording option. Just press Record and it'll begin recording. Press Stop when you're done and it'll ask for a filename. It saves to the standard .WAV format, uncompressed so no loss in quality.

That's it!

I'm sure I'm missing something here, but any questions, feel free to ask!

Cheers! :)

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