Create a swoosh effect for free with Audiotool

Here's a really simple swoosh effect created using Audiotool.com.

Click the "remix" option above to see the example and customize it for yourself.

And here's a video explaining it.

The Details

Swoosh effects are fortunately dead simple. They typically just involve a low-pass filter with an envelope for the filter's cutoff. In the example above, that's being done automatically using a noise generator.

Here are more specifics instructions:
  1. Start with an empty project.
  2. Drag and drop a Pulverisateur synth into the project.
  3. Turn off Osc 1 (it should be the only oscillator turned on by default).
  4. Turn the Noise on.
  5. In the sequencer, double click on any note to add a new note.
  6. In the Amp Env section, turn the Attack up to roughly 160ms.
  7. Turn the Decary to roughly 47ms.
  8. Turn Sustain to roughly 25%.
  9. Turn Release to roughly 2.4sec.
  10. In the Filter section, adjust the Frequency to your liking (50% seems to be adequate for a windy swoosh sound).
You may want to press Play and audition the sound while adjusting the levels.

That being said, in the example in the video, the synth doesn't provide a lot of control over the envelope so using a filter after it allows for fine control via a custom envelope. The initial example I linked to has a filter added for that. I'll try and go through that more in a future post.

I hope this helps for now. Feel free to ask any questions. :)

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