Simple bass-laden hip-hop with MuLab

MuTools has created a remarkable DAW called MuLab. What makes it so great is that it's one of the easiest DAWs to pick up and use, the graphics being minimal and rather large so it's easy to see what things do. It was so easy to learn that I composed this simple hip-hop beat the same day I tried it.

Here's a video demonstrating it:

The Run-down

Here's what comprises the track:
  1. The 808 - Roland's classic drum machine will never die and MuLab comes with a great 808-ish kit which I've used here.
  2. The Red Synth - That rugged synth that defines the piece is just a factory preset with a couple slight effects thrown over it.
  3. The Blue Synth - Adding a little color to the chorus section is another great factory preset with a little more highs.

That's it!

The video basically covers the details but that's basically all there is to it, a bunch of factory defaults coupled with MuLab's simple workflow make it dead easy to create nearly any electronic composition.

Oh, and here's the project file: Of Flesh and Blood.MuSession

Have fun!


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