VCV Rack in your DAW

VCV Rack is the boss of modular synths. The proof is the tons of glorious compositions constantly being posted to YouTube, like Synthikat’s Nautilus.

As of right now, VCV Rack is a standalone app. It can be used alongside DAW apps by communicating through MIDI but it takes some work to setup. Fortunate for us, developer @bsp2 has forked the app and modified it to work as a VST instrument or effect.

Check it out: https://github.com/bsp2/VeeSeeVSTRack

Just download the .7z file mentioned in the Downloads section there, unzip it wherever you normally install VSTs and in your DAW of choice, scan for the VST. It should pickup both the instrument and effect versions of the app.

In my own testing, it worked without a hitch in the following hosts:
- Tracktion 7
- MuLab
- Psycle
- SAVIHost

That’s on top of the apps it’s reported to work with in the repo’s details.

Cakewalk woes

The only problem I’ve had so far is getting this beast to work with Cakewalk. Cakewalk just doesn’t recognize the dlls as legitimate VSTs. So I figured I’d try loading it through another host.

Enter Niall Moody’s Pedalboard2: http://www.niallmoody.com/apps/pedalboard2

Pedalboard2 had no problem recognizing the VeeSeeVSTRack dlls. So I was able to use a Pedalboard2 instance in Cakewalk to load it. It takes a couple extra steps to setup but once configured, the preset can be saved in Cakewalk so it can be recalled anytime.

Modular power for every DAW

VCV Rack is already recognized as a superior force in modular synthesis. And this VST version empowers even the tiniest DAWs with those modular super powers.

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